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Though their fight is only a game to them, it will set into motion the events of the Triads. 5 Chapter 3 “Hands up!” I heard the door bang shut. “Who is there?” “I am the man who will make your sister feel good. You know, since your mum is sick.” “I am not getting raped!” I was taken out of the room and dragged out to a room that was also locked. I was put on a bed with a drunk woman who was on the verge of giving birth. She said I was the lucky guy. “Who is the father?” I asked. She stared at me and said, “No! I don’t know.” “Please leave now,” she said. I was dressed in a prison uniform, the blue one with white stripes and I had a broken nose, since the one on my face was broken when they hit me on the head. The door opened and I was dragged out. “Are you ready to play the game?” the orderly asked. “It is a fight. I don’t know what you are talking about,” I said. He looked angry. He led me to another room with a ring of seats where the two brothers were standing. “Please sit,” the orderly said and sat. Then one of the brothers said, “Is this the guy who abused my sister?” “Yes,” the orderly said. “Let’s have fun with him.” He tied the rope around my feet and my hands. “Please, he is not the one who abused your sister,” the orderly said, but the brother nodded his head. The brother signaled to his brother, “Now!” The brother jumped in and started punching me. I tried to fight back but it was useless. “Let’s have some fun with him.” “You dirty pig,” the brother said. The orderly was angry with him and the brother said, “Now that you are in this condition, you will not even be able to fight with me.” “I want him to feel what it is



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Brothers Full Movie Free Download In Hindi Hd okalelou

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